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"to a T" means right this way, exactly or precisely so.

it's not certain exactely what the T stands for but rather cautiously, I can belive T being the first letter of a word.
The most likely source, most expert say. can be tittle.
In my opinion can also be Total.
(Nicky Santoro): "I would carry things out to a T".
"I will quote this to a T."
"This is total BS! to a T!"
by mave73 March 01, 2008
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A b3tan way of saying toast
Q) Is it tiem for toats yet?
A) No. It is teh tiem for fluff!
by nowimboard April 17, 2008
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Stands for "tenth of a ton", i.e. 200 pounds, and is used to refer to women of such size. There are also "over toats", which is , of course OVER 200 lbs. This term can be used freely and should replace BBW as a general term for overweight women. A BBW could be a TOAT, but not all TOATs are Big Beautiful Women.
" I no longer wondered why that Honda Civic scraped the ground pulling into Dairy Queen after I saw the two TOATS get out and rush the counter."

Queen Latifah is a BBW and probably a TOAT, but the fatty at Walmart in sweats and flip flops buying cigs, grape soda and circus peanuts is just a TOAT.
by HAL9010 November 29, 2010
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