The dot above the letter "i".
Proof read your paper for missing tittles.
by meatloaf October 15, 2004
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A very small breast/tit. A contraction of tit and "little". A little tit, if you will.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a tittle here and there, but I've seen bigger lumps in my oatmeal!
by Chocotacojewboy October 29, 2007
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to touch a tit a little.

tittle-billy - a man who tittles (also used in nursery rhymes)
Tittle tit, tittle too,
i touch tits and so can you!
tittle tee, tittle tat,
don't tittle people who are fat!
tittle tat, tittle tit,
tittle people who are fit!
tittle tut, tittle tee,
i got tittled by a tittle-billy!
by Sean and Pete-thor October 3, 2006
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That's a third nipple.
I gotta get my tittle removed. It's a little embarrassing.
by Scikoop75 December 19, 2020
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the act of someone putting there finger in a woman's cleavage.
similar to the word diddle, but with tits
"Last night at the bar some asshole tittled me."

"That girl is so fucking hot I want to put my fingers between her boobs. Is there a word for that? Oh ya, tittled. Im going to go tittle the shit out of her."
by adarc23 October 13, 2009
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Term used to describe developing breasts.
My daughter is finally getting tittles.
by Bento March 7, 2003
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A phonetical spelling of talk to you latter. Seems pointless buts its unique letter formation makes it incredibly quick to type.
Lorcan : I'm off mate tittle
by errlloyd March 6, 2008
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