the face of crying
the horizontal lines of T represents the eyes
and the vertical lines represents tear
the _ represents the mouth

can be use with multple T(in even numbers):
i forgot i threw a frag and get killed T_T

by fun February 21, 2003
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Dismayed or displeased; aggravated.
by Kori August 26, 2003
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(What is "T_T"?)

An emoticon that describes and shows facial expressions.
(What does "T_T" mean anyway?)

This emoticon is mainly to describe that someone feels or is sad, desperate, doomed, or in any type of other emotional situation.

(What do the Symbols stand for?)

It is supposed to be seen as a crying face, sometimes, it is seen as annoyed face with the two T's subtituting as eyes.

The slits (top part of the T) in the emoticon stand as for the eyes being closed, and the other part of the T stands for teardrops pouring out of the eyes. The underscore, ( _ ) is the mouth.

Apostrophes can be used as sweat, or viens popping out too:

T_T (On the phone)

=T_T= (Crying kitty or Anime Face Expression)

T_\\ (Emo)


Johnathon: Hey Girl!

Kristen: Eww! Get away from me! You're gross!

Johnathon: T_T


Tyson: Jason! Your dog died in a car accident!

Jason: T_T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


Liam: Hey, what's up?

Kyle: T_\\ I'm not Okay.

(talking on the phone)
Preston: O_o Dude! Dude! Dude!

Ryan: >.< WHAT??!

Preston: o_O I think, I think, I, I, I, just...broke your Xbox 360!

by BakedCherryPie August 17, 2009
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The face you use while crying. Often used in AIM chats and emos
xoadyingwishxo: My bf broke up with me I'm so sad T_T

xslitmywristsx: T_T me too, let's cry together
by Kristin and Kristen Company November 8, 2006
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Occasionally people will respond with this emote to some of your more precariously aimed remarks.

Is translated to and can be interpreted as a thanking; thank you.
More Ts can be added by the other person to extend or increase the amount of thanking that you receive.
Replying with "yw" is perfectly appropriate.
Tom: you look like a girl lel
Steve: T_T
Tom: yw

Some retard: thats not what T_T means
Tom: /meh/, yw
by hachicken December 9, 2013
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Usually represents a crying face, but most people see it as a disabused face of chillness or skepticism.
Bro, you do know what happened right? T_T
by ExcusemesirWTF February 4, 2019
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the face of glaring
the horizontal lines of T represent the brows
and the vertical lines represent the eyes
the underscore represents the mouth
Fella #1: T_T that is so lame.
Fella #2: No need to cry about it.
Fella #1: I'm not crying. I'm glaring. It pisses me off.
by Moonrook July 9, 2020
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