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When a guy takes a girl's head and leads her to blow him within the first few moments they make their first physical contact.

Background: Named after the character Nicky Santoro, played by Joe Pesci from Martin Scorcese's mafia masterpiece 'Casino,' which tells the story of how the mob ran Las Vegas. Pesci co-stars with Robert De Niro. In the movie, Santoro has an affair with De Niro's wife, played by Sharon Stone. The first time they hook up, the couple kiss aggressively for a few seconds before Pesci grabs Stone by the head and puts it on his cock. She complies.
The girl from Spain was a hoe, and she was drunk, so my friend went straight for the Santoro the first time they kissed. What a badass.
by Nicky Santoro Fan July 18, 2010
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In nowthwest Indiana, A santoro is a big sexy cashmoney ass nigga. A guy so fly with so much swag that all the ladies go 4 him.
A yo man, you see that santoro ova ther in the lunch room hollin at them shawties? Dang they jus gav him their numbers. (Envy..)
by Guy with santoro February 24, 2009
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the act of plagiarism in the form of a youtube video created by the rebel Matthew Santoro.
"grunkle Jake has 100,000 subs from reacting to pewdiepie plays peppa pig"

"what a Santoro"
by Bass boosted pringles can June 22, 2016
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last name of a blue eyed brown hair guy who plays girls for all he can. Usually is ugly but some how gets alot of ass. Is attracted to awkward girls. and has creepy friends.
"Dam did you hear about santoro and monica?"
"wait i thought he was getting with Julia?"
by joe simalajdfdskalhfsadlg November 10, 2008
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