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Time is going by or running out. The sound of time.
Person 1: "My team is down by 10, and there's like 5 seconds to go!"

Person 2: "Tic toc."
by yes juanito yes December 17, 2014
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A app that increased suicide rates by 43% due to bullying and harassment on 400lb women.
If you are gonna type mean comments I'm gonna kill my self. 12 year old: kys live on Tic toc
by ItsYaBoiSkinnyPeeWee October 23, 2018
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Located in Canton, NY, this downtown bar is the place to be for all horny, black-out-drunk St. Lawrence students on Saturday nights. Make sure to look out for Coach at the entrance; give him a kiss on the cheek and he may let you in for free.
"Dude, i'm heading to the tic-toc, and i'm not coming back alone!"

Girl #1: "Oh my god that was so much fun dancing on the pool table at tic-toc last night!"
Girl #2: "What?!"
by SLUt love March 23, 2011
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The most cringiest thing EVER, No seriously it has taken over the world and anybody who has it should probably get medical help as soon as possible, NO BECAUSE YOU WOULD MAKE A TIC TOC WITH HIM!!!
jacob what are you doing?
Litterely every girl tic Toc...
jacob where’s the nearest bridge?
by Jdbbdkebshx November 19, 2018
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The app that only wannabe ten year olds and losers have were they lip sync to terrible songs. Watch out because they’re coming for you!!
β€œOmg I love Tic Toc!” β€œ Patricia, honey, you’re such a loser. That app sucks!”
by PotatoLlamas4DaWin May 19, 2019
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