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Simply somebody who has been alive for 12 years. No insults needed.
Person A: Hey look at that 12 year old! Of course it's another one of those idiots who think they're so cool.

Person B: No need to insult them. They can't automatically change their mind. You shouldn't say that unless you want to be pathetic.
by TeknosQuet April 28, 2019
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Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
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a kid that is waiting for their 13 birthday to come so that older teens won’t be able pick on them anymore for their age on the internet. sometimes these 12 year old CAN be a hardcore show-it-off to teenagers OR they can be really chill. since they are close to their teenaged lives, they have a sense of matureness most times.
person 1: “hey is that jaquelin?”
person 2: “yeah but isn’t she a 12 year old?”
person 1: “yeah so? she’s pretty chill
person 2: “you right.”
by smhhh.arcely April 14, 2020
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A person who is 12 years old. Sometimes used as an insult on the internet by older people who were probably really stupid 12 year olds and figure that everyone else must of been as stupid and pansy-ish as they were when they were 12.
Guy 1: Well the earth isn't flat really as science clearly already proved its sphere shaped.
Guy 2: And you're just gonna follow anything that science says? You must be a 12 year old or just stupid in general.
Guy 1: --_--
by Sincerely Crazed September 16, 2019
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A kid who is 12 years old and inbetween being a child and a teenager. People hate 12 year olds, mainly because they act older than they actually are and they try to be someone they're not during school and towards other people. Of course, not all 12 year olds are like this. But this is the overall stereotype for 12 year olds.
My advice is to not pick on 12 year olds. They didn't choose their age, therefore they are being used for insults and being picked on for something they can't control which, in my opinion, is extremely unfair
Example 1:
Guy 1: Have you seen the new computer game yet?
Guy 2: Yes I have. Omg that game is like for retarded 12 year olds
Example 2:
Random dude: bro do you still play minecraft?

Random dude 2: nah m8 that game is for fucken 12 year olds
by CJP0133 July 21, 2017
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A 12 year old is simply a person who is 12. Maturity has nothing to do with it. I'm 12, and I cannot even begin to describe the hate I receive every day for something I can't control. Ridiculing someone for being 12 is like insulting someone for their sexuality - you're degrading them for something they can't control.
I am not an immature little asshole.
So, if you hate on 12 year olds just to make your pathetic little life seem slightly plausible, then kindly pull your head out of your ass before it gets stuck.
Person 1: OMFG 12 year olds are so stupid! I hope they all rot in hell.
Person 2: I hope you jump off a cliff.
by pinnocking November 22, 2014
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