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Paradoxology is two word's put together 1.paradox and 2.doxology 1. Means, absurd at first instance but has meaning upon reflection. & 2. Means, a form of praise to the God's/God.
Paradoxology is the official name of "the flip-syde ass inc & kinetic in red" uncertified religion with 10,000+ followers under the web address of klink.link
by Bryn Benn April 09, 2019

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1st of July 2020 ; is the day the kids took the power back.
In far north Queensland, on the 1st of July 2020, there were 4 boys who.s actions took the power back from the church.
by Bryn Benn July 17, 2020

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April22. Where four police officers were struck down and killed on the highway in Kew Victoria AUSTRALIA. 2020
We hope the government announces that day 22*4 and it is going down in AUSTRALIAN HISTORY as the most loss of police life in a single incedent. R.I.P. at April22. XOX 👮💓
by Bryn Benn April 23, 2020

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A White Flag historically was used to surrender. It also alerts police that your situation is of a higher purpose and you'd like cooperation and a possible coordinated response. But times do change! The White Flag is whole officially recognised, along side a champagne bottle smashed into a boat, but with the notion, an acknowledged task performed by kinetic forces.
The salvation army have used the White Flag, and are now at the threshold of delivering a supreme service alongside there intended or Flagged counterparts.
by Bryn Benn March 26, 2020

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4554 ; (it's a ) code otto, to 808 circuitry. It means "dead Satan". Stop the spread.
IE, magazine.
It's a 4554 boss, from here. Over'N'out. ...
(If noticed, you'll know what it means !
May not come into tuition till last minute sometime in 2054. 54 is End, and 45 is Ashes.)
by Bryn Benn April 23, 2020

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N.O.A. ; is when 'no one answered. Applied to phone calls and door knocking.
>Well? What happened?
>No way. ...
by Bryn Benn April 20, 2020

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GPM is the three stages of growing marajuana.
by Bryn Benn April 14, 2020

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