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A word for large or perky breasts when you don't want a girl to know that you are talking about hers
"Damn Susie. Nice tibblies. Are those new
by pappaboner9 May 06, 2006
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Tibbly is name of an imagery creature. This creature has a fat feathery body with very skinny weak legs. It has along pointy tail that it drinks water from and with a very misshaped head, it has to big eyeballs bulging from the sides, a small narrow rounded nose. Big ears to wrap around it's pray and lick it with it's special tongue filled with claws and spikes. This Tibbly creature has lots of babies because they all end up licking each other and killing each other with their tongues.
"Hey look it's a Tibbly, don't let it lick you!"
by Hoddieum May 18, 2017
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