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a really nice and genuinely sweet guy.
he makes friends with as
many people as he can
everyone loves Gavin
it's very easy to fall for a Gavin
he is the most cute and perfect guy you'll ever lay eyes on
he has a great smile and amazing eyes
he also has a great sense of humor
you should really get to know a Gavin
me: I think I really like him!
friend: well yeah he's Gavin!
by iandc December 21, 2013
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Gavin is a very nice person. He is extremely shy and won't talk about his feelings much because he cares about you too much and doesnt want you to worry about him. He is usually too shy to talk to most people and can get extremely Lonley. If you date a Gavin he will try his best to show love and compassion.
Wow gavin is so shy.
by Biggey452 June 25, 2019
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The most incredible person in the world. He is sweet, funny, handsome and smart. Whenever you first meet him, he'll be shy or awkward, but he'll gradually open up. This boy can be really sarcastic and will tease you, but that's how he shows affection. However, he can be extremely sweet and will talk about how much he loves and misses you. In fact, he can go from teasing to be loving in a split second, which just makes him even more attractive. He is genuine with his actions and will always treasure the girl he loves. Anyone that has him in their life is so lucky, and hopefully they know it.
"Gavin is so sweet, sometimes I'm just speechless.."

"You're so sarcastic, you remind me of Gavin."
by ArtsyMouse February 26, 2017
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Gavin is a name that means amazing best friend that you can great conversations to about anything. he is one of a kind and will always be by yourside. he'll never give up on you even if he gives up on himself. he is all around amazing.
Girl one: wow who was that?
Girl two: that was GAVIN hes my best friend(:
by futuristiclover March 24, 2011
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Really energetic. Sometimes can be very serious but at other times you can always joke around with him. A very great friend I'm grateful to have and actually admire. Can be very impatient but will give you his weird advice that is surprisingly very useful. Thank you for being my friend, Love you.
I'm so thankful I have Gavin, although I do not show it.
by weekndjoys October 14, 2019
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gavin is a true friend who is always there to stand up for you and protect his friends, he will go through anything to stand next to and support anyone who he deems worthy of friendship, and will go through anything to brighten your day all in all a gavin can and will always try to become your best friend and stay there through thick and thin.
can you introduce me to gavin?
by doombringer96 February 19, 2015
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