Have you seen him?
Nigel Thornberry: Have you seen my friend? His name is Gavin
Arthur: Sorry, I don't think I have.
by Tacitus Kilgore June 1, 2020
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Fuck you Gavin. I swear to shit you better not come to school tomorrow.
by Karma Sutra May 12, 2020
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A Gavin is a really nice guy. He likes to mess with you and is overall really funny. He is always just trying to have a good time, wether that be bugging you or telling stupid jokes.

Gavin’s usually give nicknames to their friends and will always try to make you laugh.

Gavin’s are also usually cute. They love making people laugh and are just great to talk too.
Person 1- Hey Gavin!
Gavin- Hey Slurpie what’s up?
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a really nice and genuinely sweet guy.
he makes friends with as
many people as he can
everyone loves Gavin
it's very easy to fall for a Gavin
he is the most cute and perfect guy you'll ever lay eyes on
he has a great smile and amazing eyes
he also has a great sense of humor
you should really get to know a Gavin
me: I think I really like him!
friend: well yeah he's Gavin!
by iandc December 22, 2013
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Gavin is a loving caring person and cares about everyone and has a big dick and is fast strong and if some one messes with his friend or girl friend there going to be messed up and everyone loves him
Gavin has a big dick
by Didn’t tigjfm November 3, 2019
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The most incredible person in the world. He is sweet, funny, handsome and smart. Whenever you first meet him, he'll be shy or awkward, but he'll gradually open up. This boy can be really sarcastic and will tease you, but that's how he shows affection. However, he can be extremely sweet and will talk about how much he loves and misses you. In fact, he can go from teasing to be loving in a split second, which just makes him even more attractive. He is genuine with his actions and will always treasure the girl he loves. Anyone that has him in their life is so lucky, and hopefully they know it.
"Gavin is so sweet, sometimes I'm just speechless.."

"You're so sarcastic, you remind me of Gavin."
by ArtsyMouse February 26, 2017
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Gavin has a massive cock
Gavin is god himself
by Wynk October 16, 2020
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