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He's very sweet and kind. He tends to seem very nerdy and unromantic on the outside but once you know him he slowly takes interest and becomes the guy that gives the sweetest comments and knows how to make your day. His friends are just as nice as he is and are instantly your friends too.
Dang she got herself a gavin!

Gavin bought me chocolates! Isn't he a sweetheart.
by Mystery for you ;) October 15, 2017
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a really nice and genuinely sweet guy.
he makes friends with as
many people as he can
everyone loves Gavin
it's very easy to fall for a Gavin
he is the most cute and perfect guy you'll ever lay eyes on
he has a great smile and amazing eyes
he also has a great sense of humor
you should really get to know a Gavin
me: I think I really like him!
friend: well yeah he's Gavin!
by iandc December 21, 2013
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The meaning if Gavin is a battle hawk and that is absolutely correct. Gavin is normally a somewhat tall guy with brown hair and brown eyes. He normally enjoys basketball or football. Gavin is such a sweet, amazing guy but no one can really explain why. When it comes to texting Gavin is deffinetly a charmer, but sometimes in person he doesn't have it. Gavin tends to go after girls who are brunette also and like to prove themselves. When they say a Gavin is a battle hawk they are 100% correct because he will never give up on a girl, not in a bad way. You could say he is a hunter. Gavin's end up with girls that names start with a H,S, or K. Do not let go of Gavin because you will regret it. He doesn't like people that give up easily anyways.

Did you hear Gavin likes Sarah?
No, but I wonder how long it will take her to give in to his adorableness
charming battlehawk gavin basketball brunette football sweet persistent nevergiveupgirls
by Inlovemuch January 21, 2014
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Gavin is a name that means amazing best friend that you can great conversations to about anything. he is one of a kind and will always be by yourside. he'll never give up on you even if he gives up on himself. he is all around amazing.
Girl one: wow who was that?
Girl two: that was GAVIN hes my best friend(:
by futuristiclover March 24, 2011
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Gavin's are everyone's favorite. They are extremely athletic and smart. They are smooth-talking and have no problem finding a new girl whenever they want one; because of this they tend to jump around between girls, however, this doesn't make them any less incredible. They are the best listeners and always have a shoulder to cry on.
Gavin is my best friend.
by wasntinvited May 29, 2017
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A smart, funny, and kind guy who if you're lucky enough to have then you shouldn't him take for granted, and if he dosnt meet your standards then tell him and he'll change to be whatever you want because he just cares that much.
You're so lucky to have Gavin, I wish I could.
by Purplepumpkin4576 October 16, 2013
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The most amazing guy ever. For so many reasons- intelligent, funny, cute, kind, sweet, upright, everything good. The sexiest guy I've ever met.
I think maybe Gavin and I were made to be together- I have never wanted a chance at dating someone more.
by anonymous_response October 18, 2010
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