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A word that originally came from the phrase "tig ol' bitties", meaning big ol' titties, which then got shortened to bitties therefore referring to women's breasts. The word has evolved and recently can be defined as any type of women one finds attractive or wants to "get with".
Definition 1: Hey look at that chick's huge bitties.
Definition 2: -Let's do something tonight. How about we call up some bitties.
-Damn, Look at that group of bitties over there, we better fuck that shit.
by Ryan Larsen March 24, 2006
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Despite the obvious derivation from the word "bitch," the word bitty has no negative connotations. Rather, the inverse is true: "Bitty" is a term for an attractive female, but is not used as a direct compliment or pick up line--it is casual.
Singular: That bitty over there is looking at you man.
Plural: Call up some bitties to come over.
by Alex Kring January 09, 2006
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A word used by a 30 year old character in the sketch show Little Britain when he wants to get breast fed. And not just by his mother. The nana-bitty scene was very disturbing.

The word originate as it was a mix of breast and titty.

Now's not the time dear.

I'm hungry. Bitty.

by Lambchops November 30, 2004
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The diminutive of bitches; in other words, females aged 16-17 who are attractive beyond their years.

See jailbait.
Damn, did you see those fine-ass bitties at the mall?

Yeah...I woulda hooked up with at least three of them, but I don't want to go to jail, so I banged one of their moms instead.
by Mike Bolton July 12, 2004
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Derived from lexeme 'bit', which comes in a variety of inflections (e.g. bitch) which are used to indicate something's bad or unwanted, it tends to be used by sluts in bars when referring to their slutty friends when they do slutty things.
Slut #1: Look at Rachael, she's giving that bartender a blow-job behind the bar.
Slut #2: Man, what a bitty.
by Tmosss March 18, 2010
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