Shun, Ignore, disregard
also see root word, thwart
That radio guy totally thwarted my request for that song!
by Bob Johansen September 11, 2005
To put a stop to, cease, halt; usually of a plan deemed faulty.
We will continue to thwart the plans of ISIS and initiate our own courses of action in their place.
by Zandroid August 19, 2017
When a gay male puts his testicles into a another gay male's anus and deliberately attempts to catch HIV; or, when a gay male puts his entire mouth, teeth and all, into the anus, to eat out the HIV.
Normal person - You're ugly.
Gay person - FUCK YOU. Try do what you want, i will fucking thwart you
by AvishakCurryMutt September 17, 2013
Thwarting is the act of waving around your boobies. Even though it concerns another part of the body, it is very similar to twerking, and as such mostly practiced by females. However, some exceptions to this rule exist.
In this matter unthwarting is also relevant.
Brenda is thwarting all the boys to the yard.
Thwarting in battle can be a good way to distract other soldiers.
by rijapo November 2, 2013
to cumble someone
to destroy their intentions
they wanted to cumble me, but I thwarted them
by Joe Charina March 14, 2003
Another word for ruin, specifically if the person committing the act has no idea what they are doing.
So what are you doing? Thwarting my plans?”
by [Insert Anonymous Name Here] February 7, 2021
To block or prevent from happening...or, when used in slang, to destroy someone or something out of anger.
If he acts like that again, I will legit thwart him
by Kristi SuppleSebum February 16, 2009