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When told to "Do what you want", your interpretation of that sentence may seem to come simply at first. You may be thinking the person telling you this DOES indeed want you to do what it is YOU want.

However, if you are of the male gender, and a female says this to you (ESPECIALLY IF YOU AND SAID FEMALE ARE ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED) there is a decent chance that this person does NOT want you to do what you want to do. In fact, chances are they want you to do the OPPOSITE of what you want to do.

You may be asking "But why?? Why even ask if there is already an expected response...?". And there's an easy answer to that: women never have a simple answer.
So guys, next time a lady tells you to "Just do what you want", maybe think twice before acting.
Zach: "What would you like to do after the dance?"

Maddi: "Oh, it doesn't matter. I don't really care. You can just do what you want."
by WomenEverywhere September 26, 2013
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