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When a gay male puts his testicles into a another gay male's anus and deliberately attempts to catch HIV; or, when a gay male puts his entire mouth, teeth and all, into the anus, to eat out the HIV.
Normal person - You're ugly.
Gay person - FUCK YOU. Try do what you want, i will fucking thwart you
by AvishakCurryMutt September 17, 2013
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To block or prevent from happening...or, when used in slang, to destroy someone or something out of anger.
If he acts like that again, I will legit thwart him
by Kristi SuppleSebum February 15, 2009
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Opposing force mechanism that is encountered as kinetic friction when any mechanism operates/pushes forward through existence in the universe.
Due to a high level of thwart, Joe was not able to make the basketball go through the basket even once.
by Killan Green November 10, 2003
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A certain species of blowfish found in only suburban counties. Usually seen eating or playing a gameboy, he is very vulnerable to occassional slaps across the face. Isolated most of the times, he takes no interest in sports, the only time when he can be found in public is when he is hanging around summer school.
Damn, that thwart's been on the TV for a longass time. Kick his ass and get him off.

Damn, that thwart's been on the gameboy for a longass time.

Thwart took my food!!

Thwart's face is red from all those slaps.
by Fawad, Bilal, Ahsan, F August 04, 2004
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A mixture of two words, 'twat' and 'what'. Made up by lil john and his eastside boiz homies.
Used as a degrading word. Such as; 'Sally is a thwart'.
by Peter March 19, 2005
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