To put a stop to, cease, halt; usually of a plan deemed faulty.
We will continue to thwart the plans of ISIS and initiate our own courses of action in their place.
by Zandroid August 19, 2017
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When a gay male puts his testicles into a another gay male's anus and deliberately attempts to catch HIV; or, when a gay male puts his entire mouth, teeth and all, into the anus, to eat out the HIV.
Normal person - You're ugly.
Gay person - FUCK YOU. Try do what you want, i will fucking thwart you
by AvishakCurryMutt September 17, 2013
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to cumble someone
to destroy their intentions
they wanted to cumble me, but I thwarted them
by Joe Charina March 14, 2003
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To block or prevent from happening...or, when used in slang, to destroy someone or something out of anger.
If he acts like that again, I will legit thwart him
by Kristi SuppleSebum February 16, 2009
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Opposing force mechanism that is encountered as kinetic friction when any mechanism operates/pushes forward through existence in the universe.
Due to a high level of thwart, Joe was not able to make the basketball go through the basket even once.
by Killan Green November 10, 2003
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to sneeze and the fart at the same time.
while in the restroom John needed to thwart his brains out.
by Peter_k April 29, 2007
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A mixture of two words, 'twat' and 'what'. Made up by lil john and his eastside boiz homies.
Used as a degrading word. Such as; 'Sally is a thwart'.
by Peter March 19, 2005
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