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Slang for 'on the toilet'
Sorry I didn't reply to your 200 messages/buzzes on Yahoo messenger, I was on the throne.
by Nonflyingfarang January 01, 2008

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1) For Fuck's Sake - a common expletive used online.

2) Flying Farang Syndrome - when rich older western men move to Thailand, marry a young Thai girl and can 'suddenly' realise they can fly from a high rise condominium on their honeymoon. As a result this leads to the death of the foreigner (farang in Thai) and a quick inheritance for the 'grieving' bride.
1) FFS you're an a-hole.

2) That bar girl has had six husbands, but they all suffered from FFS. The previous occupant in this condo had FFS.
by Nonflyingfarang January 05, 2013

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Adjective form of the progressive verb facepalming (the act of raising one or both hands to your face when something stupid happens). When something is really frustrating and stupid and you end up realising it's facepalmingly stupid.
Michael Gove's education reforms are facepalmingly stupid.
by Nonflyingfarang September 10, 2013

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When you say something you regret saying and wish you could unsay it.
I wish I could unsay that your ass looks big in that dress.
by Nonflyingfarang January 16, 2014

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An invitation spammed to everyone on your contact list.
Bobby just sent out an invitation to join LinkedIn.

I got that too.

Ahh, he just spamvited everyone.
by Nonflyingfarang October 16, 2013

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When you ask someone what the time is and they give you a totally incorrect answer because they've changed the time on their phone to get extra lives on Candy Crush Saga.
A: What's the time?
B: Just gone 4.
A: Huh? It's still morning, you must be on Candy Crush time!
by Nonflyingfarang April 24, 2014

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When you're out with a friend and order a party plate of sushi. Towards the end of the meal you're both feeling stuffed but there are a few pieces left. So you sushi stare each other hoping the other person will opt for the larger piece. When one piece is remaining a sushi stare has been known to last over five minutes.
My boyfriend gave me a sushi stare until I ate the last maki roll out of guilt.
by Nonflyingfarang February 21, 2013

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