The softest, most useful material on earth. A beutifal soft piece of paper used to clean anything wet or dirty. Usually coming in a roll, and used mainly in the bathroom.
"I used the whole role of toliet paper after that dump"

"Bro, here's some toliet paper to wipe that off"
by A dead man January 15, 2018
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Used to describe the translucent jumbo rolls of "toliet paper" found is such places as hospitals, college dorms, bars, etc. It takes about 50+ sheets of "toliet paper" to wipe sufficiently & usually rips off one sheet at a time
I'm sick of using the √toliet paper to wipe my ass with at work, I may have to bring in a roll of charmin
by jifter November 06, 2010
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What some children call toliet paper (bungwipe, buttwipe, TP, etc.)
Mommy, the paper toliets are out again!
by Telephony January 05, 2014
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