rapid, unexpected knucklethrust into larynx of douchebag who is pissing you off. results: subject does horizontal chickendance, pukes,and cannot dial 911.
step a little closer; I cant hear you....Whats for lunch?
by eMyers February 1, 2004
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A swift fist thwarted into the throat of a speaking , or not speaking, ass hat. Appropriately delivered immediately after douchey sentence is in progress or at full completion.
In the year 1820, John Dickerson was a man of the field. He rose cattle and herded sheep. Greg Gregerson and the penis boys were known about town to herd cattle to their branding post and would brand penises onto unsuspecting heffers. Soon after they would return the missing cattle to their appropriate owners with their newfound phallic brandishing. John Dickerson was very upset by these cockamamie antics. His cattles' fresh dick decorations extremely decreased the face value of his bovines. John Dickerson sought out Greg Gregerson and the penis boys in sordid places and soon found these four gargantuan men in a local brothel with appropriately large women. He knew immediately that his average size and pisspoor fighting techniques would be no match for Greg Gregerson and the penis boys. Greg being the largest and the leader, he instantly knew he must take him out if he had any hope of leaving unscathed and his heffers avenged. He balled his fist and struck Greg Gregerson in a 3" space between the chin and the neck of Greg's shirt. Greg Gregerson dropped to the floor in agony and the penis boys trembled in fear. After witnessing their fearless leader taken out with one punch, one brace penis boy asked John Dickerson to lead their gang and brand dick decorations all over the cattle of the Midwest. John Dickerson replied,"Do you want a throat punch too, bitch?"
by DeliGameChamp September 23, 2016
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When fellatio goes so deep that it feels like you're being punched on the inside of your throat. This may cause pain, discomfort swallowing, and new terms to be added to Urban Dictionary.
As Anastasia gave a blow job to her hugely well-endowed lover, he pushed her head down on his shaft going so deeply into her mouth it felt like a throat punch.
by SharkPower819 December 8, 2017
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Day of the week where you get a free pass to punch people in the throat. Not to be confused with #TBT.
Bob is annoying the shit out of me...good thing it's Throat Punch Thursday!
by mbell April 27, 2016
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When you piss off a Fitzgerald or their loved ones and they punch you hard in the throat while screaming "FITZY THROAT PUNCH!"
If Robert keeps harassing my little sister he's gonna get a Fitzy Throat Punch from both of us.
by evansgirl October 20, 2016
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The repeated slamming of a Navy Seaman's member into the mouth and throat of another Navy Seaman.
He refused sex. Therefore his partner resorted to the Navy Throat Punch
by Lotnum June 30, 2016
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An egyptian throat punch is a move in the popular exercise program Thundercise. It consists of doing a walk like an egyptian move followed by a punch to the opponent's throat.
Dude! Take him out using an egyptian throat punch!
by Bert Voltron December 30, 2010
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