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a beautiful, happy, hyper girl. Who can make you smile/laugh no matter what mood your in. She is an amazing ingeneral. Loves to be affectionate to anyone that is feeling down. Always there for you even if your a itch to here.
Anastasia makes me smile everyday.
She should be more like Anastasia.
by Lucky to know this one December 15, 2016
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A sweet, beautiful, loving girl. She stays up late at night with you vibing and reminiscing. She loves music, especially Ed Sheeran, she loves sports, and she loves her friends. You will love having and Anastasia as a friend, and even better, as a significant other. If you lose her, you will regret it for the rest of your life. If you have her as a significant other, consider yourself the luckiest person on Earth.
"I'm in love with Anastasia"

"Isn't everyone? She's so beautiful, smart, and loving."
by aponbonehops April 20, 2018
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A girl you will never forget. Anastasia Is a girl that you can talk to for days at a time and knows exactly what to say to cheer you up. She is the only person that really gets you and is the one you want to hang out with all the time. All in all, Anastasia is one of the most amazing and perfect people you will ever meet. She is one of the prettiest girls you will ever know. Never pass up a chance to meet or hang out with this girl because she will always leave you wishing you had more time.
I really wish i could hang out with Anastasia longer!
by Fgtnagger April 10, 2015
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She will make you fall head I've heels for her.She is one of the best girls your ever meet. She is sweet, kind, smart and has a great personality and is always happy. She is one of the prettiest girls your now. Your never forget her and you will always remember her.
Anastasia is the best
by Zeke211 February 01, 2018
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Perfect in every way possible, an Anastasia will always be there for you, she's caring, funny, considerate, and drop dead gorgeous. If you ever get the chance to date an Anastasia, don't ever let her go. Anastasias tend to get hurt but are very forgiving and understanding. Love them as much as possible
Guy1: Hey how was your date with Anastasia?

Guy2: Incredible, I think im in love dude

Guy1: Don't fuck up you know what she's been through
by QuapooTheG February 12, 2018
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A absleoutly BEAUTIFUL girl any guy is lucky to have. She is either a cheerleader, gymnast or dancer. She loves fashion and has a very sexy body and loves makeup.
Anastasia is THE hottest girl on the planet!
by Cheerleader98 January 04, 2018
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an extremely goddess like figure who boys will line up to tie her shoes for her. She has an amazing death stare and will not put up with being called a priss. Because she is a GODDESS
Dude, man, i totally got to tie anastasia's shoes for her!
by jamika pacme March 28, 2009
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