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To do something incredibly retarded.
To do something incredibly vile.
To do something incredibly dick-ish.
That guy who dropped Ben Roethlisberger to pick up Tim Tebow really (Dickerson)ed all over himself.

That guy eating paste is (Dickerson)ing.

Quit (Dickerson)ing those geese by giving them Alka-Seltzer.
by KevinSNSHS96 October 21, 2011
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The art of pretending to take a photo of your significant other in order to actually take a photo of somebody else that you are more interested in. This is most often done at the beach or a car show. Your significant other must be in on the act for it to be a full Dickerson.
Hey honey, can you help me get a Dickerson of the girl over there? I don't want her to think that I'm some sort of creep. The guys at the office are going to love it!
by PermanentHarassmentZone February 17, 2011
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A loud mouth know-it-all who is quick to criticize others harshly, blames his mistakes on others, and is oblivious to his limited mental capacities.
Dale got drunk, stole a Trans Am, got in a high speed chase, evaded police, then crashed into a hospital. He called me and said he was framed. Then he begged me to bail him out. What a Dickerson.

Lady 1: β€œRemember Eric? He was an awesome quarterback for state before he blew out his knee. Whatever happened to him?”

Lady 2: β€œHe's selling used cars in Albuquerque. Really happy for the guy – he got so strung out on crack that he was working as a prostitute to support his addiction, his pimp named Sweet Micky, and two Pomeranian. He was in full Dickerson mode.”

Ben was at the bar claiming he served two tours in Iraq. Some college girls were impressed. Then a marine named Johnny called him on his shit. Mark said he's never seen anyone get so red so quick. Classic Dickerson.
by DarkJediWu October 22, 2011
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the best last name in the world. its mainly for people who are very cool and outgoing and have many friends.
dickerson means a popular high school girl. has many friends and loves the boys.
by obione kanobi June 13, 2008
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Primarily formed from the three Anglo-Saxon words "Dick", "Her", and "Son", it is a word of encouragement shouted to a buddy who is doing an admirable job of railing his girl, or giving her the dick. Can also be the name of one who is exceptionally gifted between the sheets
Man 1: "Hey look! John's really giving it to Jane!"

Man 2: "YEEEEAH! Dick-'er-son! (Dickerson)"
by PDXspidey March 08, 2009
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