ONLY THE COOLEST/HOTTEST GROUP OF PEOPLE TO EVER STEP FOOT ON EARTH. Also, they are basically the creators of civilization.
Damn! Thats one cool Egyptian!
by Dalia March 31, 2005
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A person who is Arabic, not to be confused with "Persian" there is no such thing. It’s Iranian. He is usually wealthy and good looking. He comes from a country which once ruled the entire world. The Egyptian man still prospers, as evidence in the current statistics of economic growth, indicating the Egyptian immigrants to be the number one educated ethnicity and wealthy immigrant.
"According to the 2004 census, Arab Americans are the most educated minority group in the US: 71% hold bachelor degrees or above and 32% hold graduate degrees. 21% hold PhD’s. Arab Americans are the founders of some 400 major national firms, and CEOs of more than 635 national companies, many of them among the Fortune 2,500 companies. Our total contribution to the US economy is estimated at more than $750 billion."
by Amir October 6, 2004
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1) A person or thing from the northeast African nation of Egypt. Refers to the ancient people of the lower Nile Valley (Kemet) and their modern-day descendents, the Copts. Also the Nubians of Middle Egypt, the Berbers of Siwa in the western part of the country, or the Arabs who colonized the country shortly after the birth of Islam.

2) Either the ancient language of Egypt and its hieroglyphic script and its deriatives, or its latest form, Coptic, or the Egyptian dialect of Arabic, which has 'g' instead of 'j' and a glottal stop instead of 'q'.

3) A very old but well-preserved person.

4) Someone from a very far away place. See BFE.
1) Tutankhamun and Muhammad Ali were two famous Egyptian leaders.

2) The inscription is in a later form of Egyptian, written in hieratic script, which is simplified hieroglyphs.

3) Dick Clark is such an Egyptian.

4) Dude, we're lost. The people here are such Egyptians.
by LudwigVan October 4, 2004
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Someone who originates from the “Mother of The World aka Om el Donya” — Egypt.

Creators of the “shag me I’m marvelous!” arm twist dance move. People who don’t take no for an answer reference: Bo7a continues to express his love for Tota even after being rejected numerous times and wins her back. Beautiful people inside out who own the biggest Arabian horses breeding station in the world. Their ancestors in ancient Egypt having built the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and numerous captivating temples. Most importantly is that they don’t go down easily, they love the rest of the world and their army power ranks top 9 in the world as of 2020. They crack jokes a lot and make you more depressed through making fun of you.
Guy1: I have crippling depression, any advice?
Guy2: Easy, hang out with an Egyptian.
by Adolf_Titler November 16, 2020
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To be Egyptian is to be really really ridiculously late to all events, gossip incessantly, and to bronounce B's as P's and P's as B's. To be the child of an Egyptian family, you know how it feels to be spanked by a ship-shib. To an Egyptian, there is sadly no such thing as a surprise party. As presents, Egyptians only buy and receive Best Buy gift cards. Every Egyptian spends their entire childhood defending the fact that they do not build pyramids in their backyards, will not be mummified and DO NOT ride camels to school! Oh, they also tend to be loud and obnoxious... Always...
Wow! That guy is obnoxious! He must be Egyptian!
by Kirellos, Mark, Marena, Meina January 20, 2005
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A sexual act requiring 1 man, 2 women and a strap-on dildo. The first step is for the man to wear the strap-on backwards so that the falice is pointing behind him. He then bends both women over in opposite directions and places himself in between them. He must then place one hand on the woman in front of him and his other hand on the woman behind him. Let the thrusting begin and there you have it.

For full effect, you should be listening to the song "Walk Like an Egyptian".
I totally pulled "The Egyptian" on those two hoes I brought home last night.
by CaptainNeil September 27, 2007
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