someone who does something that is impressive and over the top making you feel impressed but also frustrated because you cant do it, all at the same time its really cool.
You: dang, look at this, hes making a hand drill out of two pieces of wood and hand made rope

Me: this guy

You: i know right!
by joshaua tolly November 29, 2016
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What you say when someone does something stupid or something to draw attention to themselves in a less than desirable manner. Usually accompanied by a single or double underhand point and no other verbal context.
by Leppalimes October 30, 2015
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Usually the life of the party. When "This Guy" (or occasionally "That Guy") walks in, you know shit's about to get good. He's liked by everyone, has killer dance moves, and just all around fucking rocks out with his cock out. He has the funniest stories, the dirtiest jokes and can swoon any lady he wants.
Usually is wearing something suave.
Occasionally could be a Garden Gnome.
This Guy: *walks into party* HEEEEEY guys!
by OTC123 November 02, 2010
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less vulgar way of saying this cunt, usually when something odd happends, you say it really fast with disbelief

usually said when girls are present
*scenario when girls are around*
guy: *guy runs up wall then does the splits*
by LaRgO October 18, 2004
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A way someone refers to another person (the subject) in third person, implying their opinion of they are simply amazing or a downright retard. It is usually in a conversation after the incident had occurred.
Person 1: Did you understand the movie??
Person 2: Nah, this guy *points to guy 3* interrupted me
by Bobgolytrew April 02, 2013
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often said twice.. this guy this guy.This guy is used when someone has done something incorrect. for example someone would use this guy when someone copies off somebody else or if somebody is stupid that is also when this guy is used
Derrick copies off Daniel
Daniel' This Guy... This Guy'


Deririck: whats 2 + 2 again?'
Daniel' This Guy This Guy'
by This Guy This Guy February 01, 2013
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