Talon is a lovable, caring, trustworthy, and amazing friend. Talon is even better when in a relationship with one. They are the most caring people you'll meet. Plus they know how to please a woman😜. Talon's are super loyal and will do anything to please their partner.
"Talon is so great I can't believe how amazing he is!"
"I agree, you two are adorable together."
by Lovely_loner December 27, 2018
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A real one who is the funniest dude alive. He Will have you dying at anytime in the day.
Yo do you know talon?
Yeah of course what am i gay?
by Im cracked May 11, 2019
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The best friend anybody could ever have. Somebody who is very protective and rarely fights for himself.
I need somebody to talk to
Call Talon !

Oh, yeah, he's a great friend.
by jazziefizzol July 29, 2011
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The coolist person you will ever meet. They are rare if you become friends with one keep them for ever. They are nice and sometimes like sports
Ex. Talon is the coolest person ever I'm happy to be friends with him
by Talon w February 5, 2015
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1. Master of time and space.
2. An expert at insanity.
3. Bringer of doom ... and pie. LOTS of pie.
It's like if a witch, clown, samurai and a priest had an orgy.
by Andrew November 25, 2004
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Talon is a nice and kind person very loving and always willing to help others he is a very handsome person and is always willing to help others he is a great boyfriend and is always willing to stand up for others and is very awesome
:Talon is so nice I wish I was friends with him
:Talon is sooo cute I wish I was his boyfriend
by I’m nice December 5, 2018
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HOMEWRECKER ! stud who is able to cum 8 times in a few hours. looks extreamly sexy in nothing but a cowboy hat and boots. likes to dance and pretend to be a woman. with his sidekick "Razor" at hit side, he can plow through women as fast as a native can make moccasins.
by pancaketaljonkley August 24, 2011
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