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(adj.) Something or someone of exceptional reknown or of up-to-the-minute style and knowledge; one who is not to be dissed or fucked with. Similar to "badass".
"That is one pimp-ass motherfucker, G!"; "Your suit is fuckin' pimp-ass!"
by dudley1969 May 16, 2003
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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of extremely high quality.
Superlative prefix: Rimpity pimpity
See also spleen ass
"That's a pimp ass coat you've bought"

"We've won Kylie in a raffle? Rimpity pimpity pimp ass!!!!"
by mc November 30, 2003
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Pimpass is a descriptive word used to enhance the awesomeness of something. Pimpass can be used on a daily basis, and will never get old. It can be used to describe several different things.
A) Damn Ben, your SUV sure is pimpass.
B) I'll pimpass in your gimpass.
C) ...Pimpass
by B. Sasquatch June 16, 2005
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A statement used to make fun of somebody's style discretely.
Dude where did you get those pimpass shoes?
Dude where did you get that pimpass hat?
by Dapimpa October 15, 2006
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1. completly awesome
2. whacked out
3. the gluteous maximus of a man who sells whores
4. a big ass
5. a mans ass that has been pimped out.
1.Dude, that song is pimpass.
2. My ex boyfriend is pimpass.
3. Pimp joe has a pimpass!
4. Shirley has a pimpass.
5. Manwhore Jacob is a pimpass.
by KCNKKBITCHES June 24, 2005
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the feeling you get when you are feeling cool around all your friends
Jake: damn man your funny
JOhn: Yeah im feelin Pimp-ass
by zeke brackston August 28, 2008
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