(adj.) Something or someone of exceptional reknown or of up-to-the-minute style and knowledge; one who is not to be dissed or fucked with. Similar to "badass".
"That is one pimp-ass motherfucker, G!"; "Your suit is fuckin' pimp-ass!"
by dudley1969 May 16, 2003
the feeling you get when you are feeling cool around all your friends
Jake: damn man your funny
JOhn: Yeah im feelin Pimp-ass
by zeke brackston August 28, 2008
of extremely high quality.
Superlative prefix: Rimpity pimpity
See also spleen ass
"That's a pimp ass coat you've bought"

"We've won Kylie in a raffle? Rimpity pimpity pimp ass!!!!"
by mc November 30, 2003
Indicating a musical phrase or performance of exceptionally high quality.
Good lord, that trumpet player is pimp ass
by mk December 2, 2003
1. Something that is so amazing.

2. An action that is so amazing.
3. Used to describe a person who is amazing (not romantically).
Must be in all caps
That no scope on CoD W@W was PIMP ASS.
That Mustang is nice, but that Ferrari is PIMP ASS.

Chuck Norris is old. Bruce Lee is PIMP ASS.
by P1MP MAST3R G3N3RAL May 6, 2009
It is when something is better then pimp, better then spectacular, and better then badass, so you combine them together, and you get pimp-ass-tacular
Hey, did you see that concert last night?
Ya, it was pimp-ass-tacular
by Lunchbox Joe September 1, 2009
Is a pimp who owns man hoes and sells them for sexual pleasure.
Look at that guy over there, hes an ass pimp
by toxicity777 August 27, 2008