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A poorly designed alcoholic beverage made with pitiful equipment, inappropriate ingredients, and suspect sanitation. Always homemade, although some fruit-flavored beers are almost bad enough to qualify.
Dude 1: "That fizzling pot contains the next batch o' hootch"
Dude 2: "Shouldn't you put a lid on that stuff?"
by TreeWeezel November 15, 2010
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Slang term used for any hard liquor, such as whiskey. Most often used when refering to cheap liquor, the kind one might drink from a bottle in a paper bag.
" I want to get drunk off my ass tonight. Pass me that bottle of hootch! "
by WDG April 08, 2005
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A variation of the term, "hootchie", meaning a female that dresses or acts like a ho. If you are questioning weather or not your homegirl is a hootch, ask yourself these simple questions:

1) Every time this beeyotch comes around your crib or near your husband, is she wearing low cut shirts so her tig ol bitties are bouncin everywhere and/or jeans so tight she straight has a camel toe?

2) Is this bitch always surrounded by a group of niggas, even though she is married?

If you said 'yes' to either of these questions, you might want to reconsider who you kick it with, and never let that stank ass gutta butt triflin whore around your husband/fiancee/boyfriend anymore.
Look at that hootch, flirtin with my husband. I'm gonna knock that bitch in the back of her throat with a goddamn hammer.
by Libra Chic August 16, 2005
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1.(a)A makeshift shanty erected from Bamboo and fig leaf`s to form a roof. (b)A nasty smelly cunt. (c)Booze,usualy homemade.
Mudcake was fucked up from drinking so much hootch,he could hardly make it back to the hootch.Then, some hootch was trying to snag his wallet.
by spikemeister45036 August 20, 2003
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a verb, used in cooking, to stir a thick liquid or stir thick contents into one another.
When making chili, you open all your cans (corn, beans, tomatoes) shake in the spices and hootch it round.

When making cheese grits, you hootch the cheese into the grits until it melts.
by Southern Cook June 27, 2004
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skank at work,slut who takes care of most of themale population in the tri-state area.girl whore that is known to like guzzling cum and other body fliuds on a nightly basis.
the hootch(lisa)at work has taken plenty of man meat in her time.
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
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