Hey did you read that Dramione citrus?
Oh yeah it was real gooood if you know what I'm saying.
by totallyherx October 7, 2019
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An anime about gay sisters. That's it. Nothing more.
Person 1: Have you watched citrus?
Person 2: Are you in to that sort of thing?
Person 1: Hey, incest is wincest.
by Yuzuru April 24, 2018
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A berry that restores 25% of your max health.
After eating its citrus berry, my Cresselia was able to survive Genesect's U-Turn.
by fespy February 20, 2019
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basically, the slang word for acid-as in the drug

or fruits such as : oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, inc.
hippie: man, give me the citrus!
teacher: huh? an orange?
by KBxz3 June 25, 2009
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ADJ: having the quality of being cool, fly, or poppin; lax, chill, calm
VERB: to be cool, popular, chill, or laid back; also an exclamation
*Guy does triple backflip*
Guy: CITRUS!!!!

Girls at prom
Girl 1: Did you see Jessica's new heels? They match her lip stick perfectly.
Girl 2: Her outfit is so citrus! She is beautiful.
Girl 1: She is probably gonna win prom queen.

All of the citrus fruits have citrus peels.
by ChillBro9240 August 16, 2013
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a word that whipped, pretty girls use instead of cunt.
"Oi you mad citrus!"
Thats Keenan is a fucking citrus.
by claire reeve June 14, 2011
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Girl A: Steph tried to kiss me today...
Girl B: Eww, that girl is such a citrus!
by Decapitated Barbie April 18, 2006
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