The word thiccc with a triple c refers to the size and curvature of a female ass or booty.Saying the the ass is thiccc means that it’s big and juicy and has pleasant curvature to it
Daemmm bruhh she thiccc asf
by Your friend thiccc ass lover November 04, 2018
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If I girl is really fine or hot she’s THICCC with three cs and she got a nice ass
Damn she THICCC with three cs
by Daddyyyy-0 September 27, 2018
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Thick with “ccc” basically means you’re looking thick but in all the right places. It is putting a positive connotation of being a little bit over weight.
Kylie Jenner is lookin real thiccc yaaas😻
by euphoria423 February 11, 2018
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