Tiago is the male with the body of a greek god and the brain of an asian. Tiagos are usually extremely good at soccer
I wish i was a tiago
by Savage da boss May 2, 2016
Tiago is an amazing friend and you always want to have one in your life. They are very out going guys who are very chill. They always seem to be positive and have a great attitude. He’s very nice and very funny . Overall Tiagos are great people
Tiago is an amazing friend !
by Ugly bitch 00 April 11, 2020
A guy who has great hair, which tempts people to touch his hair.
His hair is tiago
by treasuring0502 February 23, 2017
Tiago is very sexy as you can see, he has sexy hair and would after your mom at any speed. He is the sexiest sex sex
Wow that Tiago is looking chunky chungus
by big chunky chunk likes April 5, 2019
Tiago is a very smooth guy with the girls he likes to go in smooth but then he is very hard😏
That boy there Tiago he destroyed me last night🤤
by Pussy_destroyed_by_big_dick October 26, 2019
Tiago is a sex god who is amazing at sex, Has a big cock, looks gorgeous and is smooth with the ladies. Anyone with the name Tiago is a lucky man and girls who have Tiago are lucky gals.
Girl 1: "That guy over there is so hot!"
Girl 2: "I know he's a total Tiago I bet his dicks huge!"
Girl 1: "Totally"
by sexy boy22 November 16, 2013
Tiago is a great portuguese king
"look is tiago out there"
"yes the king is alive
by tiago_1989 September 24, 2006