real thiccc, mad thic, so thic that it becomes mad, stooopid.

The more “c”s the thicker and stoopider it gets.
Romina: omg have you seen how beautiful my daughter looks today
Caterina: fr she be lookin extra dummie thiccc today
by b1gd1ckatie December 02, 2020
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A fat kid who will roll like bowser in his shell and slide into your fucking DMs
James thiccc is thiccc
by ffdsfdsfdsfsdf October 22, 2019
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When a body part of a human is so chunky and thick you gotta get a taste, especially the ass...
That girl be dummy thiccc.
Karl, that's my wife,
I know I just wanna get in on some of the action
No, how did we last as friends?
by Jackers4758 November 11, 2019
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Having hella curves like you aint no regular hoe you a thiccc one
Bob: "Did you see that girl she thiccc with three c's?"
by Isi June 10, 2019
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