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one that keeps a bad bitch around, big bitch, long hair yellow, white, red, brown
why dat hoe wit dat fool?

man he a hood nigga.
by DrHarley06 September 29, 2007
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Born in the hood “getto”. Hard life.

-Struggles through childhood to make it out of the hood, but the hood never leaves. It’s in your blood.

-Humble and real. Learned to live with a smile despite the sadness inside.
No one should fuck with hood niggas. They would fuck you up if you give the wrong vibe.
by Engell February 21, 2018
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An African-American male born and raised in the hood,the projects,or the ghetto. Usually those who are born in the hood are prone to get into trouble due to their surroundings,but it's not always the case. This term is commonly confused and interchangeably used with the term Street Nigga, but there is a difference between the two. There are two classes of Hood Niggas: the stereotypical, dumb hood Nigga whose actions will more than likely keep him in the hood;and,the lesser known smart hood Nigga who is trying to get the fuck on up out the hood whether through sports, college,military, or other various means.
Damn Darius you a hood Nigga in the sense that you from the hood, but you're not a hood Nigga.
by ❤ heartattaQ June 24, 2018
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One who eats Cheerios after midnight.
Donte: Wow, its already 1 in the morning. You gunna go to bed?

Jamal: Nahh nigga i gotta have my daily dose of Cheerio's first.

Donte: Mann you one straight up Hood Nigga
by ShredderJeff April 03, 2010
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A black male from the projects/ghetto, who won't die for his turf and colors but greatly respects them and acts as if he's a gangsta. He has no sense of speaking correct english, wearing his pants around his waste, or ever taking off the "new" tags of his old hat. These individuals will usually have their entire life savings rolled up in their sock.
Ray Ray's 40 and still acting like he's bangin. Damn he's a hood nigga!
by tvick April 25, 2008
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1.A well known member of a gang that has done many deeds for his gang only a african-american can be a hood nigga a hispanic would be a hoodessay. 2.A thug that has done many unlawful things like sells drugs.
Dam u see what myles did you know he a hoodnigga.
by Mike killer Johnson May 26, 2007
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