a fatty (male or female) with more than one tire around their waist.
Frank must have been really wasted to take that Michelin Man home.

The Michelin Man broke my bed springs.
by John Gonzalez June 2, 2006
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When a large man, with at least one belly roll is recieving a blowjob, he takes said roll and places it on top of a girl's head.
Did you hear about larry? he Michelin Manned that chick last night
by Danny Micronesia May 1, 2005
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Before sex, wrapping one's penis in a white bed sheet before the condom.
Baby, I didn't cheat on you! That was the Michelin Man!
by PacoPicaso March 17, 2019
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When a male who is so hesitant to have sex, he puts on condom after condom resulting in the rubberband parts piling up making his wang look like the Michelin Man.
Girl: Hahaha! Hey, is that the Michelin Man?
by slapshotpeewee9 April 27, 2007
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Someone wearing at least one tire on their body.
You’re just a michelin man.
by MaybeARealWord January 13, 2022
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When a fat women is being fucked from behind so hard that her fat rolls compress making her look like the Michelin man
You take that fat bitch home
Yup gave that bitch a nice Michelin man
by Devin the pedophile April 27, 2017
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