Word used by young children in NorCal (mostly bay are i.e San Fransisco, oakland, dublin, pleasenton, livermore etc.) before they are old enough to use hella without getting in touble.
Your hecka stupid!

This hecka sucks monkey butt!
by I HEART MUFFINS November 18, 2005
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the more subtle version of hella
dude...those SoCal guys are hecka gay...
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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Yes, Mr. Ambassador, I concur that we are hecka screwed in Iraq.
by bprender January 19, 2006
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the word commonly used by cool californians that live in p-town
omg..that movie was hecka cool...

wow, i'm hecka hungry...

dude, my face hecka hurts...
by icetea September 10, 2004
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a word used by those who are too afraid to use the word hella, or used by young children. hexa is also acceptable for younger people.
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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very, exceedingly

One in a series of three adjectives: hecka, hella, and fukka. Thought to have originated in the schoolyards of Oakland, CA.
Your new pony has hecka bad breath!
by Jasper Ray April 10, 2005
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the whole of northern california's way of saying " a lot". mostly used by small children and some teenagers.
woah that was hecka cool!
by sofia dubblyou January 2, 2009
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