If a hoe or bitch got some tight and juicy buns.
Jeff: 'Hey, look at that thot right there'.
John: 'Yeah, she got a Thicc Ass.'
by MeNombreJeff February 21, 2018
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Thicc thighs

Every man's weakness

Even gay men can't resist a fine babe with wide thighs
Dude1:yo, mike smashed dat fat hoe yesterday,he said she had some thicc ass thighs
Dude2:thicc ass thighs huh, every man's weakness
by Elderjonthemayogod April 24, 2018
You know that nigga, that be thicc af but u ain’t wanna say it cuz that shit sound gay. But either way he a thicc ass nigga and that ass look like planets colliding? Yh, das a thicc. Ass. Nigga.
by Bumbaclat homeboy October 7, 2018
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The Thighs of a human, (usually a female) which can be described as Thicc or Thick. Thicc Thighs Save Lives
Me: Have you been doing squats?
Female: Yes, why are you asking?
Me: Cause you got some thicc ass thighs
by queefpizzas November 2, 2017
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Term used to evaluate thickness of a females rear end. Usually used with a fraction as a prefix.
Damn! She’s like 3/5ths of Jenny’s thicc ass.
by L33tnibba March 5, 2018
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Term used to describe a females rear end, generally used with a (of) fraction prefix.
Damn! That girl is a solid 17/59ths of Jenny’s thicc ass, 179 outta 333 would smash frfr
by L33tnibba March 5, 2018
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