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On Twitter, your following-to-follower count is called your ‘ratio,’ most people, especially on stan twitter, strive to have what’s called a ‘skinny ratio.’

What makes a ratio skinny? Having an impressively high amount of followers while simultaneously following very little people. An example skinny ratio is “78 following, 3.5k followers.”

But what about a fat ratio? A fat ratio is the complete opposite of a skinny ratio! For example: 3.5k following, 78 followers.

Ratios can be the make-it-or-break-it on the impression of your account.
User @BUTERAKIWl has such a skinny ratio! What a legend!

Here’s what twitter user @Rauhlag had to say about ratios:
“If u think it's cute to follow 34 people and only have 100 followers u need a reality check Cause it's dumb like Twitter is for u to follow people y'all are the reason Twitter is so shitty now cause y'all think it's so good to have a ratio like bitch GTFO Twitter with that goofy ass shit . No it's not ugly we just follow people back and don't have big eggos like some ppl it's not that serious it makes u look dumb . Ur not Beyonce like stop it ur just a Stan acc . If anything u should be trying to gain followers .”
by thotatella February 14, 2018

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Also known as Faguette, is a Twitter sensation. Revolutionlzed Stan Twitter, blocking out the tweetdecks and trashy gay tweets.

Thotatella is often found locked or suspended due to the homophobic nature of Twitters terms and whateverthefuck. You can find Thotatella tweeting about his hot teacher at least four (4) times a day; although these tweets are annoying and irrelevant, they are justified, seeing how the teacher is, in fact, a nut factory.

Gay icon. Ariana Grande enthusiast. Skinny.
Thotatella (Faguette) is so iconic, ugh his mind, it’s so powerful sometimes.

If Thotatella eated soap. He dont eat it bc he did. No he didnt ❤️

Ikr. Thotatella didnt Said abojt boys. He respects boys more than we girls. Bc we girls should like dicks not pussies. For his opinion.
by thotatella February 14, 2018

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Pussy Floppers™ is a groupchat on Twitter full of skinnies and legends ONLY. While significantly better than Boca Bullies™, Pussy Floppers™ is overrun with members of the Skinniest Who Flop Foundation (SWFF). Due to a recent outbreak of rats and Tana stans, Pussy Floppers has been reinvented and transformed into Pussy Floppers: Two™, it contains about 69% less rat.
Pussy Floppers™ is so iconic. I want to be in so bad. Way better than my GC.
- Member of Boca Bullies™

Pussy Floppers™ outsold hard. Rauhlag is still pressed over being kicked. Maybe next time she shouldn’t be such a fatty!
- user @ thotatella on Twitter.
by thotatella February 14, 2018

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somebody who’s fat in all the right places
david dobrik is thicc asf
by thotatella August 23, 2018

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