A wordtoo many people use.
1. king bach: SLAP DAT THICC BOOTY !!

amanda cerny: BRUH
by joshlerfan101 April 5, 2017
Lynx Stage 2 from Fortnite: Season 7
holy shit dawg lynx is thicc as fuck
by sighchotic December 16, 2018
Alberto~ "Damn man Evan is thicc with infinite C's!"
Tony~ "I have never seen anyone thiccer than Evan."
by Waren King June 25, 2018
"Jim spells thicc with a 'ck' WHAT A LOSER!"
by wduw2D? January 7, 2017
what 90% of girls call themselves to make them feel better about being fat.
"im so thicc"
"no, your just fat"
by elsiee02 June 30, 2019
it has two C'S!
damn, that girl be thicc
by LittleGayBoi69 December 20, 2018
the word thicc mean when they see something chubby or fat like for example if you see a good looking lady whit a fat butt or boobs or thigh they say THICC
by jujuthicc August 2, 2017