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David Dobrik is the nicest person you could ever meet. David Dobrik can make your day with a smile or a laugh. He puts forth effort and always tries his best in all ways possible. David Dobrik is well know in a friend group and loves to be with them.
"David Dobrik is such a hard worker, be like him one day!"
by David Dobrik January 03, 2017
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David Dobrick AKA the cure of cancer, the cure of depression THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING
i need some David Dobrik in my life.
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by A_SmartGuy March 07, 2018
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Contrary to popular belief, he is the softest boy out there. He can burn down your bed and then surprise you with a new house the next day. Cutest cutie there ever was. (also sexy btw) and hes thicc as shit like surprisingly thicc as fuck.
Person 1: You know David Dobrik?
Person 2: Yeah I saw him during my sleep paralysis last night.

Person 1: Have you seen David Dobrik's ass recently? That bitch thicc as hell.
Person 2: Yeah he can sit on my face I'm not even worried about it.
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by david dobriks cum rag November 28, 2018
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An asshole who's actually really entertaining. He used to be a viner in 2013 but due to vine dying he became a little bitch on youtube. He built a whole empire out of being a dick to all his friends by putting spiders and other shit on them as they're blindfolded. All his videos are 4:20 seconds long because he's a hardcore stoner.
You: Wow that David Dobrik sure is a dick!
Me: Yeah but his videos are perfect for my ADD.
by VR.amos September 01, 2017
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