to agree, to start a sentence, etc
Dustin: Damn, that girls got a nice ass on her
Holda: I'm sayin...
Dustin: yea mother fucker
by Aholda January 22, 2005
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to be in total agreement with the statement that was said.
Man that girls has a crazy big old butt!

I'm sayin!
by Baby Kitty February 27, 2006
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Phrase used to denote strong agreement with something said. Varient of the older, more boring "I'll say."
Matt: "Wow, that math test was really difficult!"
John: "I'm sayin'!"
by The Bass Ninja February 1, 2011
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An expression of agreement. Don't pull out your grammar books with this one.

Very often said before the person you're agreeing with has completely finished thier sentence.

The though is usually pronounced doe.
A-The Spurs winning the championship, mayne.
B-Man the Spurs are the most boring team I ever seen. I seen Tim Duncan yawn twice the last time he posted up.
A-Man, whatever works, that shit wins championsh--
C-I'm sayin' though!
by Steelo J. April 2, 2006
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When someone says something you agree with, don't just say "yeah" or "i agree" go all out and say "THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYIN' BRO!"
Phil:"Yo dude, Packers are probably going to win the 2010-2010 Super Bowl."
by Call_Me_T R U T H January 19, 2011
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What you use when you are trying to insinuate something and they pick up on it. It's like a get out of free jail card for those moments.

Ashley: Maybe you shouldn't wear that dress.

Lucy: Why not?

Ashley: It doesn't fit right.

Lucy: Are you trying to say I'm fat?

Ashley: I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.
by asheebee August 27, 2008
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