10 definitions by lb🤦‍♂️

when someone tells there friend jimmy they have found money.
i found money jimmy
by lb🤦‍♂️ November 28, 2018
a very mean middle school teacher that people want to punch 90% of the time
i hate mrs. layne
by lb🤦‍♂️ November 26, 2018
A man named Caleb who is absolutely packing with a perfectly defined body who gets tons of girls
Hot girl: Oh wow it’s big daddy c I wish he would talk to me
by lb🤦‍♂️ November 22, 2021
a person usually small as a kid but will get very tall as an adult but is allways a good freind, and very hot.
oh my god caleb is so hot
by lb🤦‍♂️ November 28, 2018
a very hot male that everyone likes.
hi caleb he he he
by lb🤦‍♂️ December 5, 2018
Has a huuuuuuggggggggggeeeeeee🍆 and great abs might or might not go by bug daddy c
Damn Caleb’s sexy af
by lb🤦‍♂️ August 29, 2021