An exclamation.

A sillier substitution for 'Oh my goodness', 'Goodness me', 'I say', 'My word', 'Well I never', etc. Nice with a British-ish accent but can also be used for 'Gee' and 'Wow', etc.
by frezley September 1, 2010
What one typically says when they're experiencing extreme frustration, or a response to an inconvenient surprise
"Ah, I just did the wrong homework assignment! Fuck my face!"

"Oh no, I forgot to eat dinner! Fuck my face!"

"Oh no, I lost my juul. Fuck my face" - Leo
by brizzyshitdcknson May 5, 2017
Whatever the fuck it is Herb does with his computer in his spare time.
I sure do hope my isp does'nt kill my connection cause' I want this African chick to internet fuck on my face.
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 5, 2008
The famous quote in Hunt Down The Freeman said by Mitchell Shephard to Adam before killing him
you fucked up my face *gunshot*
by MemeLord4063 May 28, 2018
An unusual response to an insult given by an overly excited goan lookin for a comeback.
Its a result of speed and no thought.
Karl: hahaha you fuck face!
Royston: yeaah fuck face my ass
Everyone: ...
by Karl Gomes September 18, 2007
The act of excelling, or being highly impressed with a certain act or event. Can also mean something, or someone is very very very good.
"Was he Gandalf?"
"Yes! He kicked my fucking face off!"
by Sigmund Freud November 3, 2004