58 definitions by Word Madman

The deliberate act of shaming wealthy people for no apparent reason and sometimes out of spite.
The mean act of rich shaming is just a result of jealousy.
by Word Madman May 18, 2020
A campsite on top of a building especially in the city.
Welcome to my roofcamp!
by Word Madman March 22, 2019
A monster that haunts arcade machines.
Beware of the balgoss
by Word Madman September 24, 2021
Politician: I'm representing the liberal centrist side of politics!
Citizen: IDCAP!
by Word Madman April 3, 2022
Always being such a pain, a person who is constantly getting on somebody's nerves.
You can be such an absap!
by Word Madman April 15, 2022
A sudden, painful cramp, often in the legs.
I got a bad case of hammer legs!
by Word Madman March 28, 2019
A movie with recycled plots and a lot of cliches.
Nobody cares about this cinematic recycle-over trash!
by Word Madman March 22, 2019