58 definitions by Word Madman

The deliberate act of shaming wealthy people for no apparent reason and sometimes out of spite.
The mean act of rich shaming is just a result of jealousy.
by Word Madman May 18, 2020
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A hacker who enjoys wiping out computers after stealing information.
A wipe-out hacker is a piece of human garbage!
by Word Madman March 22, 2019
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Not affiliated with any party, this applies to people who are not associated with any political party.
Ted was NAWAP and never voted in his life.
by Word Madman April 26, 2022
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A hipster who talks shit about everyone.
He's an obnoxious shitster
by Word Madman March 28, 2019
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A campsite on top of a building especially in the city.
Welcome to my roofcamp!
by Word Madman March 22, 2019
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