the most annoying thing you will ever hear from wannabes.
Guy 1: damn gurl she fine

Guy 2: hell yeah dat booty so fly
Guy 2: id tap that
by Moneycashmaker October 23, 2013
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Meaning that someone with a nice booty is around someone, people might say DAT BOOTYY DOE basically meaning that's a very nice grade A booty
Jerry:Have you seen that girl ass

Jerome: Dat boot doe!

Dat booty doe!
by Consaula May 10, 2014
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if you don't watch "the good place" then u don't know what this is
Jason: ayo dis mah hit song! I love you forver ❤ shake dat booty in the bathtub

Chidi: i-
by 👯🕺💃🕴stage fight November 11, 2021
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