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Being sexually and romantically attracted to one's self. It goes beyond just looking one's self in the mirror to check if everything is in place. It goes to the level of actually turning one's self on by doing nothing more than looking at their own self!
A person who is selfsexual may be seen actually flirting with themself in mirrors or becoming aroused by watching nakkid videos of just themself.
Dude One: Check out that chick creaming over herself!
Dude Two: Sheit, all the hot chicks here are either lebsian or selfsexual. We ain't getting any play here!
Dude One: No way! Selfsexual chicks are hella easy.
by fcsuper April 22, 2006
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Loving yourself to the point where you are in a relationship with yourself intentionally, not allowing anyone else to be in a relationship with you.
"I heard George is a selfsexual! He loves himself so much!"
by Langstoner October 06, 2016
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When you are sexually and romantically attracted to yourself.
Person: "That dude Clinton in my biology class must be selfsexual."
by Zeeky H. Bomb March 27, 2005
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Adjective; a person who is self-sexual is someone sexually attracted to oneself. Can be considered a sexuality, such as heterosexuality or homosexuality. This may entail flirting with oneself in the mirror or being turned on by naked pictures of oneself.

This also stems to plots of hentai or other porn, in which a person may clone oneself or encounter oneself from another dimension, and then engage in sexual intercourse with oneself. This is often considered homosexual or incest sexual, or a form of masturbation.
That girl is so self-sexual, she would have sex with herself if she could!
by DeusVult Infidels June 30, 2018
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A sexual orientation in which a woman or man can have physical sex with themselves and reach enough gratification that they do not require a sexual relationship with a partner.
That person is selfsexual who don’t need no other bodies.
by Orlyentation August 07, 2018
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