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adj. Same as Naked.
The state of wearing no clothes or being naked.
Dude one: I've never seen nakkid bartenders before!
Dude two: Dude, this bar is hella gay. Why'd you bring me to a place with nakkid guys?!
by fcsuper April 22, 2006
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v., also (:", text representation of a smiley salute, generally in a casual but respective manner. Chat programs (AOL, YIM, AIM, MSN) often display graphic smiley, so users of this term often use (:" instead.
Commander1: Obey me!
Follower1: Yes sir! ":)
Commander1: That's my good minion!
by fcsuper October 10, 2008
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pron. Contraction of them.
1. Those people or things (plural).
2. That person (singular). Usage as a singular pronoun is similar to the use of the word they as a singular pronoun; used as a reference to a person where sex (male or female) is unspecified or has not been determined. Used in this way because english doesn't have a singular form nonsexual pronoun.
by fcsuper May 6, 2006
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Suffix added to adjectives and participles to intensify their meaning. By extention, these words may used as abstract nouns.
Party Grrl One: That stupid drunk-ass just fell into the pool!
Party Grrl Two: Hey, check out that nasty-ass drunk streaking down the street like a dumbass!
Party Grrl One: Cool! That gives me a chance to talk to his fineass brother.
by fcsuper December 17, 2006
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Single form of word themselves, used when refering to person whose sex (male or female) is not known or identified. Often used where the word them is used as a single form as well.
A person that looks at themself hella long in the mirror may be selfsexual.
by fcsuper May 4, 2006
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The period of time defined by COVID-19's inundation upon the world, between its first appearance in late 2019 and ends (hopefully) with mass vaccination against it.
I haven't got a haircut during covid-time. It's just too much trouble wearing a mask while sheers are in use around my head. Just ask a certain politician in San Francisco.
by fcsuper September 11, 2020
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The act of confidently spelling under pressure.

Origin: News broadcast of an interview with the mother of a Washington D.C. area spelling bee champion, circa 1990's.
She be spellasizing all ova dat Spelling Bee.
by fcsuper June 9, 2005
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