Another name for wikipedia, shorter and easier to say
Hey, i dont believe that, im going to check the pedia
by Alexander David Ray 1 December 21, 2006
This is a term used to describe a person who always knows everything. They allways have the answer, weather it is the right answer or not. But the most defining aspect of this personality is that they are a complete prick in how they go about being a know-it-all or correcting other people.

I think I will name my tortoise Bebop or Rockstedy.
My friend:

well thats stupid because Bebop was a hog and Rockstedy was a rhino.
Listen, Dick-a-pedia I dont give a shit what they were. Those are the names I like so fuck off.
by MR.UBERZ1 June 18, 2010
1) Someone of Hispanic, Latin, Mexican, etc. descent that acts like a know-it-all.

2) Someone that is very culturally versed in Latin and/or Hispanic customs or traditions.
1) You know that guy Carlos in accounting? That fucker doesn't know shit but he cuts in on all our conversations like he's a goddam spic-a-pedia.

2) Hey, Spic-a-pedia, what exactly are we supposed to do with this pinata?
by DarthRandal July 13, 2011
Someone who refers to Wikipedia's information on every occasion and treat it as their own private gospel.
We don't want Gavin in our quiz team as he is a Wiki-Pedia-Phile and tends to get his questions nearly correct but sadly misses the mark on every occasion.
by Bradford Shopper 2 December 3, 2010
"I need to write an essay for tomorrow. Thank God for wiki-fricken-pedia!"
by Melan Procrasinators Inc. February 26, 2009
When someone knows the answer to every question that is asked of them, no matter what the subject matter, time of day or amount of alcohol consumed.
A spoof on the word encyclopedia except the "encycl" part is replaced by person' name.
Also seen in Greys Anatomy as used by Alex Karev.
"dude your brother is Dave-o-pedia" said Hayley to Nicola
by Holy Moseph! March 26, 2009
The knowledge of all things contained within the mind of Wil Tracy
I needed to know about all things St. Nicholas so I used the Wil-i-Pedia.
by JudgeDeath December 8, 2011