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Having almost as much fun and exicitement as you get when masturbating
hey baby, last night, watching that movie with you was masturbastical
by Alexander David Ray 1 January 7, 2007
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when your battery is already so low when you get to school or by second class becuaes you have played games non stop from when you left your house to when you get to your second class
dude its only 8 o clock on a tuesday why do you have a gamers battery, do you like not do anything else but game?
by Alexander David Ray 1 February 16, 2006
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Another name for wikipedia, shorter and easier to say
Hey, i dont believe that, im going to check the pedia
by Alexander David Ray 1 December 21, 2006
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One who is manipulated by a higher power in order to do their bidding and does not realize it, or lacks the power to realize it
Mike is a tool of facist commies.
by Alexander David Ray 1 July 29, 2006
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