Wil is the most adorable, absolute kindest person on the face of the earth. They’re the the kind of person you could stay up with for hours talking to and never run out of things to say. They get excited over the little things in life, and they can easily bring a smile to anyone’s face. But of course if you cross them, they’re the kind of person who could crush you easily as well.
“Who’s that person? They’re so pretty and sweet.”

“Oh, that’s Wil; they just light up a room, don’t they?”
by Mossyinnit August 14, 2021
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Wil is a nice and caring person . he always knows what to say or do in a situation. He is extremely talented and a good listener. You will never meet someone like him who is the same. Wil gets bullied but he always knows how to get the bullies back. He is strong and resilient . If you talk behind Wil’s back he will come for you and tell you exactly what he thinks.
Wil is awesome. Wow you are so nice Wil
by Secret Lovet July 8, 2019
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He is young. He is free. The artist archetype in all the best ways.So secure with his feelings and heart it surprises you. Oh he's still a man and is hopeless unaware of everything. Oblivious as fuck; infuriating but it doesn't matter in the end. If you come across this man: never let go.
He's your Wil forever. Deal with it
by Rockette_the_lycan May 16, 2019
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is a mortal god who should be worshiped by other will's and Williams, he is likely the stupidist person on the planet but is hella good at gaming
P1: hey your an idiot
Wil: do you know im Wil
by Stemelfhslkj.dfm September 5, 2019
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A really big ass because he won't date me.
Will you date me ?
No my name is Wil.
by Zhall03 July 19, 2017
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An incredibly good-looking half Filipino man who wears diamonds in his ears. He can be shy but once you get to know him, he wins you over with his sense of humor. He's a fantastic dresser with a flair for luxury. A Wil is very clean and when you hug him you know you have never sniffed a better smelling person. He's passionate about his career and makes you smile when he answers the phone in his "hello" voice. He has a big heart and is very generous. He makes you feel safe in his strong arms. A Wil makes you realize you never knew love before him.
Who's that hot guy in the Bears shirt pimpin the Sierra truck?

Girl, you know damn well that's a Wil.
by Catydid May 3, 2011
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Wil walked down the street and saw two people holding hands and he looks down at his hands and cries
by Richard Howell May 2, 2009
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