Example? Pretty much every paper I've decided to hand in.
by AnWa February 27, 2005
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Wikipedia is full of edit wars, elitist admins, and non-peer reviewed information.
by Phil0 May 22, 2011
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A project to create the most accurate and complete free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Written as a collaboration of users across the Internet. Basically, the UrbanDictionary.com version of an encyclopedia, without the witless comments.
An article on Wikipedia helped me write my Astronomy paper.
by Steven January 1, 2004
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A kind of quantum encyclopedia, where genuine data both exists and doesn't exist depending on the precise moment a person relies upon the encyclopedia's discordant fucking mob for information.
Wikipedia is the most useless source of information on the planet - things change every second.
by kalikitsune December 9, 2009
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Wikipedia has some serious problems. Wikipedia articles/entries that are about History or Politics are often unreliable, extremely biased, and incredibly one sided. There are many examples of Wikipedia articles totally contradicting each other and presenting the contradictions as fact. There also many examples of Wikipedia articles stating totally FALSE information with weak citations and evidence that readers think is factual.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, content can be changed by anyone for any reason, so each article will most likely be written by someone who has a passion for the topic and therefore a bias for or against it. Wikipedia administrators are shadowy figures that can have very strong biases, and they control what you see and read on Wikipedia, effectively altering public opinion to fit their narrative and beliefs. Take what you read on Wikipedia with a huge grain of salt.
You read that on Wikipedia? Ha! No wonder it's not true.
by YungGravyy May 13, 2019
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A site that sounds and looks good at a first glance. While Wikipedia can be a useful resource for quick research, the community is probably the worst on the net, and actually trying to edit an article will lead to pointless debates about "POV" and "assuming good faith" that make it not even worth it.

Wikipedia is a site:

Where an 18 year old with Asperger's who spends 18 hours a day editing has the same say as a Harvard professor.

Where you'll find pictures of mutilated penises and nude decapitated women galore, but if you create an account with "poop" or "sex" as part of your screenname, you'll be banned for having an "offensive username".

Where 12 year old kids are given admin access, so if a guy with a doctorate in quantum mechanics happens to piss of some 12 year old Pokemon fan with admin powers, he just might get the banhammer.

Where articles on obscure Pokemon characters, individual Family Guy episodes, and Japanese porn cartoons get featured on the homepage, and are more detailed and accurate in content than articles on American history.

Where you can listen to audio articles on "death erection" and "cumshot", but not "World War II" or "Abraham Lincoln".
Wikipedia is like a sausage, you may like the taste of it but you don't necessarily want to see how it's made.
by SlickSammy9393 April 7, 2011
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