telling a piece of information or a fact more than 3 times and almost bragging in a way
Alan: Hey josh did I tell you I got 100% in maths!
Josh: yea you've told me like 8 times. Stop going on about it!
by Holapeople126 November 5, 2015
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A more Web 2.0 version of 'Cool story, bro', (Web 2.0 meaning the social networking aspects of the internet.) Twitter uses the status used in Facebook and Myspace as it's defining feature. So to someone who posts an 'interesting tale', you may tell them to go 'tweet about it, faggot.'

Variations: Riveting tale, chap, Cool story, bro.

Me and a friend of mine go to a mall, and try to pick some chicks up. We failed twice and damn it wasn't good. Like 2 days ago at this local park I got picked this one chick up but damn the ones at malls or a lot harder for some reason. Anyways it was a bad day, no numbers, no nothing.


That's cool, go tweet about it, faggot.
by TBS Beanie August 14, 2009
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This is a term relating to the large emo populace on newgrounds. It is usually meant insultingly when someone is complaining about something.
- My girlfriend and I broke up.
- Go cry about it on Myspace.
by Peter Deer September 10, 2006
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