A girls name, usually associated with a cute but hot girl. A girl who has a lot of friends, and almost every boy wants her but she doesn't believe it. She may come on shy, and quiet at first but once you get to know her she is very loud, and fun. She can make anybody laugh. She is beautiful, but doesn't know it. She has a short temper, and you might not wanna get on her bad side. Most of the time she is nice, and very smart. She doesn't care what others say about her because she knows they are just jealous. So to sum everything up, Hayley is a girl who almost everybody loves, she is beautiful but doesn't believe it, she is shy at first but she turns out to be loud, she is funny, fun, smart and nice, you don't wanna get on her bad side, she doesn't care what others say, she is pretty much carefree.
Guy 1: Hey, do you know that one girl Hayley?
Guy 2: Yeah, she is a babe.
Guy 1: Yeah, she is amazing.
by Bob Is Better Then You March 17, 2014
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Hayley is an amazing girl. She tends to be shy but once she gets to know someone opens up. She is a tall brunette with subtle curves but overall she is a pretty smoking hot chick. She is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet so you don't want to loose her. She is very creative and has a great singing voice. She is smart but also modest and would drop everything she was doing just to help a friend. She is often complemented on her kind heart as well as her good looks. Even without knowing her you can tell she is pretty awesome. Don't be fooled by her quite nature though because she is a goof-ball at heart. She has a great sense of humor and is rarely seen without a smile on her face. Most would veiw her as a soft, warm, loving girl but they don't realize that she is really tough. She is strong and can handle most anything that is chucked at her. She's got tough skin but is a softy when it comes to animals. She is very in touch with nature and will spend lots of time outside. If you are lucky enough to get to have a Hayley in your life it is smart not to loose her because she will always have your back and is super fun to be around in general.
Random Gril: Hayley, you are too nice.
Hayley: Thanks! But seriously I can be pretty mean at times.
Friend: Yeah sorry. We created a monster.

Hayley: Actually I was always a monster. I come from the planet zilch and I was just waiting for the right moment to attack and eat your brains.
Random Girl: Umm is there another Hayley at this school cuz your nothing like anyone described you.
Friend: Nope. She's the one and only. Believe me I don't think there is anyone on Earth that is quite like this little freak.
Hayley: I'm going to take that as a complement.
by queen of oreos foeva March 25, 2015
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Beautiful girl, very intelligent, always happy, knows how to make everyone's day better, cheerful, loving, caring, great friend, knows how to party, always classy, great sister, and always makes an outstanding little sister.
Any girl would be lucky to have Hayley as a friend!
by Onbrown June 1, 2012
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She is amazingly creative and has big gorgeous eyes that you can get lost in. She will sacrifice anything for her family and maybe a tad crazy at times. You learn to love it and everything about her.
hey whats your new girl friend's name
your a lucky man
by quartermasterb December 19, 2011
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A quirky, smart, sweet girl. She's geeky, but after a while, she finally accepted her geekiness. This resulted in her being a little crazy, but nonetheless entertaining. She's nice to anyone and tries to be an encouragement to anyone who needs it. She is the kind of girl who will show up at your house bearing chocolate when you've had a bad day. She can also make anyone laugh. She gets slightly obsessed with things, but it's a good kind of obsessive, not a burn-down-your-house obsessive but rather a fangirl type of obsession. Hayley comes in all shapes and sizes, but her best feature is always her bright smile. Hayleys make good friends and girlfriends
Guy: Who is that girl carrying around chocolate?

Girl: She's bringing Anna chocolate because Anna's sick. She's totally a Hayley.
by That Dude Who December 17, 2014
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A girls name, usually associated with a fairly small cute but hot girl. Is unique in her clothing style and is brilliant at the things she loves best whatever that may be. Loved by her friends and envied by her enemies.
Guy1: Man that Hayley girl is cute
Guy2: I know, how hot does she wanna make herself?
by EightIsAlotOfLegs August 17, 2006
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Hayley is a very pretty girl. She is rarely complimented, which makes her think she’s hideous. shes very bipolar. she tries to hide her feelings but sometimes she just bursts out and says how she feels. Not many people check on a hayley because she is always smiling , but maybe they should. Hayley’s tend to have anxiety and lots of panic attacks due to family . Shes a freak. She can be real freaky when she is comfortable with you. Hayley is one of the best people you will ever meet .
hi hayley you look nice

no i dont
by jeffybobbvy69 June 29, 2019
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