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also known as the dole,unemployment benefit,or officially jobseekers allowance.quite a marvellous creation,it is how the majority of people support their drink and drug habits around craigavon and indeed throughout northern ireland

progression to a better paid benefit such as DLA or incapacity benefit is usually desirable.
the brew is only 45 quid a week you knowt
by Kunstable January 16, 2007
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A well known handle for Milwaukee, WI- Brew City. Used by people from the Brew and its vicinity.
Kid: Ayo, where you gonna be in June??

DruHa: Easy, I'll be in the Brew chillin.
by Druski May 31, 2007
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a place where usual murders happen, such as ghetto streets. Or graphic violence. Listen to Eminem -On Fire read these lyrics
Fuck it I ain’t playin
Pull up in a van and hop out at a homeless man holdin a sign sayin
Vietnam vet, I’m out my fuckin mind man
Kick over the can, beat his ass and leave him 9 grand
So if I seem a little mean to you
This ain’t savage you ain’t never seen the brute (the Brew)
You wanna get graphic, we can go to the scenic route
by LAWLZ2342142342343244234344545 September 17, 2010
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