dude1: im gonna murk you bitch
dude2: uh-oh
dude1: (v") -====#¬<("v)
by Benguin December 11, 2006
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this is the Asian smile emoticon I created. It is based off the fact that a large majority of Asian people throw up a peace sign or two in pictures. In the emoticon it show two peace sign. It is use to express joy, happiness, etc.

A variation is V( ^.^ )V
Rose: Lol. Me and Jay went to the beach.
Lily: Nice you two make a cute couple.
Rose: He proposed.
Lily: Awwwwwwwwwwww. Aren't you happy?
Rose: v( ^.^ )v
by Diviana April 14, 2010
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V& (v): to be hauled off by the Party Van
CP? You're gonna get V&!
by Darsular February 9, 2007
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A simple face that conveys an unexplainable emotion. The sender could be happy, sad, annoyed, sarcastic, or a duck. There is just no way to tell.
I don’t hate this face, but I am confused by what emotion it conveys :v
by 1ly October 19, 2019
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I'm v and I'm a good boy
by Y.mm April 24, 2020
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That one face spanish and/or portugeuse(br) people overuse online.
Alguem br? :V Ninguém é br :V
by That Random Person 101 July 26, 2018
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A random face Spanish or Portuguese people love to spam online for no reason at all.
Utilicé Google Translate para obtener esto :V
by Shaydows August 8, 2018
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