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If you don't got a Lily in your life, you should probably pray you did. Lilys tend to be a little scary at times, but it's only when she's rightfully defending you. You can tell Lily anything that's on your mind, she totally won't judge. Lily will always deny compliments that are obviously true, she doesn't realize her own beauty. Overall, Lily always does things in her own special way, and she'll always see all the good things she knows are in your personality. Lily's the best frickin friend you could ever imagine.
Person 1: I wish I could be more like Lily
Person 2: Yes , yes you do. Well, so does everybody else, sooo
by Miacornzzzz January 27, 2018
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She is funny, kind, caring and probably the coolest person you will ever stumble upon. She has many goals and dreams in which she knows she can accomplish. She loves partyin' with her friends, or even just kickin back and takin it easy watchin some movies. She can be wild and crazy, or calm and content. Either way, she's the type of person you should definitely get to know! Lily is a bit crazy at times. A sweet person enjoyed by others. Beautiful, intelligent, strong and pure of heart, she lights up the room when she smiles. Always tries to do what she thinks is best and encourages others to do the same in order to make the world a better place
Lily is an amazing person and one of my best friends.
by Anonymous701 November 23, 2012
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Lily is a kind , caring person who always makes you feel welcome and has the best sense of humour ever.They are kind and loving , once you meet a lily you will love a lily.They are amazing , you can't get angry at them.
She is such a Lily.
by glitterfan101 June 26, 2017
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lily is an amazing young lady. she is deffinatly not a dirty hoe. she judges harshly and is usually right... about everything. she is extremly intelligent , tends so be self concious. she doesnt realise how incredibly gorgeous she really is. has an endless supply of friends and a list of haters. but the haters can suck it because they are just jealous about how truly amazing she is. no matter how far apart she may be or how many other things she has going on in her busy life. she will never stray far from whats important to her.
bob:hey see that girl over there?
joe: yea?
bob: her name is lily and that girl is my best friend.
by ceecee!!!!! April 05, 2013
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Lily is the most stunning girl in the world, any guy would be happy to have her.
Be aware - She loves you more than anything and if you don't say something to her she will move on.
by LilzBBBB November 08, 2011
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A Lily is a magical , mystical being put here on this earth to enliven and enlighten mere mortals .

To know a Lily is to experience a piece of heaven .

Simply a Shining Star :)
Anjelica : Lily is a beautiful soul and is pure of heart .

Rod : Yah, she's a pretty sly little fox too (wink , wink)

Zac : Don't ever let a Lily slip away from your life .
by Summer's Honey Wine January 13, 2013
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- Wow!!! That person is so successful; she has a loving family, a well-paying career, and still manages to balance her social life!!!
- I know! I believe that is what one would call a... Lily.
by Doctor Worm August 13, 2010
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